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CMCG Group


Postdoctoral Fellows

Ramjee Kandel, Ph.D., 
Post DocRamjee Kandel, Ph.D., Post Doc

Dr. Ramjee Kandel, Ph.D.


Dr. Kandel joined the CMCG group in 2018 with Dr. Wang appointed as a postdoctoral research associate on solid-state chemistry. Current projects include the development of single crystal materials for radiation detection applications.

With an internationally diversified chemistry degree - he obtained his masters degree from Tohoku University, Japan under Prof. Masahiro Yamashita and his PhD from Queen's University in Green Chemistry, under Prof. Philip Jessop. 

Dr. Kandel views that having a good work-life balance is important for productivity and that Peng's lab is an enjoyable work setting that suits this.

Master Students

Viktoriia Nahorna, M.Sc., Research AssociateViktoriia Nahorna, M.Sc., Research Associate Viktoriia Nahorna, Msc.


Viktoriia is a research associate in CMCG.  Viktoriia obtained her Master degree from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine.

In this lab and working with Dr. P-Wang, Viktoriia is able to expand her previous experience in the field of organic plastic scintillators with the growth of inorganic scintillators.
"It allows me to expand my professional knowledge and skills in a very promising industry. Why do I like my field? Because crystals are awesome and interesting! As a chemist, we are like wizards in the real world, we can make a wonderful crystal from a simple powder!"

UUlrich Makanda, Msc. CandidateUlrich Makanda, Msc. Candidatelrich Makanda, Msc. Candidate


 Ulrich is currently writing his thesis to prepare for his defence. 


Ulrich's work in the CMCG involves the development of halide perovskite purification methods for room temperature semiconductor gamma-ray detectors.

Outside the lab, he enjoys playing and refereeing soccer!

Yu Wu, MSc. candidateYu Wu, MSc. candidateYu Wu, MSc. Candidate


Yu completed her undergraduate studies in Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. 

In Dr. Wang's Lab, she is working on single crystal growth from solution synthesis which applies to radiation detection.

To Yu, Dr. Wang is a kind professor to work with and a great communicator.

She enjoys the beauiful and quaint lifestyle of Kingston. During her spare time, she enjoys travelling around and shopping. 

Undergraduate Students

Matthew Webster

Matthew Webster, B.ASc. CandidateMatthew Webster, B.ASc. Candidate



Matthew is a 4th year student in engineering physics (electrical).



Matthew is currently working with Dr. P-Wang for his thesis and is excited to be working on the development and testing of lab equipment as well as crystal growth technique.

Outside of class and work you can find him enjoying the outdoors, playing music, or working with the Queen's Rocket Engineering Design Team.

Grace Chen

Grace Chen, BSc. CandidateGrace Chen, BSc. Candidate

Grace is a fourth year Chemistry thesis student who collaborates with the geology department.

Her work revolves around the semiconductor field for developments in purification methods on trace impurities.

Grace advocates for more people to research in the field due to its growing range of applications.

Grace has learned a lot from her time at the lab from semiconductors and crystal growth. "Dr. Wang is really supportive and helpful all the time". 

From Vancouver B.C., her hobbies include jogging and cooking.

 Sravan Pingali

Sravan Pingali, B.ASc candidateSravan Pingali, B.ASc candidate






Sravan is an electrical engineering student.

His primary responsiblity in the CMCG lab is to create and develop motion systems using microprocessors. These aforementioned systems combined with furnaces ensure that a crystal sample gets the appropriate amount of heat and pressure to grow. They are also used to zone refine and purify crystals.

"Dr. Wang's research group provides the opportunity to learn and develop as a student, while also being able to put my skills to good use. Working and collaborating with the CMCG group has been very insightful all the while being fun."

Apart from his work and studies, Sravan is fond of reading fantasy novels and religious follower in soccer and tennis.

Ryan Burley

Ryan Burley, B.ASc. CandidateRyan Burley, B.ASc. Candidate


Ryan is a 3rd year engineering physics (electrical) student.



His work focuses on the resistivity and photosensitivity apparatus used to test semiconductor crystals. This includes fabricating components, assembling the electric circuits, and automating the measurements using LabVIEW.

"Working at CMCG allows me to apply my electrical engineering and physics knowledge to a practical instrumentation problem. As an engineer with an interest in solid state physics and electronics, I am excited by the potential industry applications of this research."


Ryan's hobbies include martial arts and playing the guitar.


Aubry Williams

Aubry Williams, B.ASc. candidateAubry Williams, B.ASc. candidate

Aubry is a 3rd year engineering chemistry student who will be joining Dr. Wang's lab as a summer and fourth year thesis student.

His future work involves Single Crystal Tin Selenide Thermoelectrics.

Aubry was drawn to Dr. Wang’s lab because "it's a great way to get experience in inorganic chemistry and work with exciting new materials and instruments."

In Aubry's free time, he likes to read old novels, rock climb, and cook.

Susanna Zhang
Susanna Zhang, B.ASc. candidate Susanna Zhang, B.ASc. candidate Susanna is a 3rd year engineering chemistry student and the lab manager of the group.

She will be joining the team for her fourth year thesis project.


Susanna is working with Dr. Wang to obtain and improve industrial R&D problem solving skills.

Her industrial experience includes working in the Australian metallurgy sector which to her is a great combination between chemistry and chemical engineering.

Her hobbies include movies, playing the piano, collecting rocks, and the outdoors.

Current Members